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14 January, 2008

Who's asking?

I was looking for a photo of Lancaster Almshouse and one cropped up on your site.
I thought to meself "this is an interesting site, I'll find out about it"
Couldnt find a bio page or make head nor tail of it.
Who are you and whats it all about?
Then we'll talk


Why does it matter who I am? The content should stand alone.

Why would the site have to be "all about" anything in particular?

Why would I wish to 'talk' to a pushy stranger?

This isn't a public sector or commercial website; I owe nothing to 'customers', and visitors, though welcome, don't get to make demands.


Now that's just rude...sure he didn't mean any offence.way to go, scare away any potential visitors.

Posted by Sheveroone at January 14, 2008 05:16 PM

Eh? So you think that e-mail's phrasing was entirely reasonable? That I should have to explain myself and justify my actions before some total stranger honours me with a further comment? I thought my response was fairly restrained....

As I said, no-one has the right to demand customer service. Comments (like yours!) are more than welcome, but don't expect me to be servile.

Posted by NRT at January 14, 2008 05:30 PM
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