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19 September, 2007

Literally inhuman

This interview with a Zimbabwian government official contains some of the most chilling statements I've ever encountered outside accounts of Nazi atrocities.

To repost the same quote as Sal highlighted:

"The unpatriotic hoarding of food gives the impression that we have a problem, which clearly we haven't, except in the South African media's mind. We do not call it starving, we call it fasting. Fasting is actually good for you. Lots of famous people have fasted for the benefit of their people. Gandhi, for instance. In our case, the people themselves will be encouraged to fast, thereby strengthening themselves against the onslaught of colonial imperialism.
"We have no objection in principle to people eating. People in government all eat, but only because people in our important positions have to. What we must guard against is the belief that people have the right to break the law if they're hungry."
I can't think of anything to say.

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