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30 September, 2007

Selling out now cheaper & quicker

Not that I wish to advertise for them, but Amazon has just cut the expected delivery time of the new 80GB iPod by 4-6 weeks, shaved £6.30 off the price, and added a free FM tuner to the deal.  I particularly want to mention that the revisions don't seem to have been applied to existing orders so if, like me, you'd already ordered, it seems sensible to cancel and resubmit a fresh order.

Yes, I'm in the process of selling out ;) . Given my default opinion of Apple products, some explanation might be appropriate.

My 20Gb Creative Zen Touch has served me well for 2½ years, but there are a few niggling usability issues and it's full (I've already deleted everything I'd choose to). Hence, I've been considering a replacement for a while, and it'd be foolish to ignore a high-capacity player at £1.90/GB merely because that happens to be an iPod (even it means I pay for features I don't want: a colour screen and video capacity). Besides, I've discovered that one doesn't necessarily need to operate an iPod via iTunes, so I can switch if the Apple software becomes annoying.

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