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28 August, 2007

Declared the constitution of the walkways

Is it really a matter of national, even international interest that Fish and Marillion have performed together for the first time in 19 years (albeit only for one song, 'Market Square Heroes')?

Apparently so: at the time of writing, it's the lead item on the BBC News home page's 'ticker tape'.

Whatever; it's good to see Fish capturing a bit of publicity with the same shamelessness novelty as his former bandmates; he just happens to mention his imminent new album '13th Star' and tour, and there's a prominent link to the website (and hence webstore).

The hardcore fans' reactions seems to have been characteristically* OTT – 'grown men crying', and all that, but it is kind of cool that it happened in that very Market Square, in Aylesbury, the band's birthplace.

Incidentally, I haven't mentioned that there's a non-retail limited edition of '13th Star' exclusively available by pre-order from the webstore or from the merch stall at concerts. It's the CD album plus a 'Making Of...' DVD, in a digipack with slipcase and enhanced booklet. Order now for despatch in early September.

*: no, to be fair, that's Marillion freaks; Fish's fans are less scarily obsessive.
The forum thread at already runs to 27 pages of squabbling.

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