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24 August, 2007

Made of money

I'll be in London at the end of next month, for a one-day conference* on approvals procedures in web publishing; fascinating stuff, and evidently valuable, as the conference works out as £100 per hour.

Now the organisers have my postal address, I've started to receive junk mail from them. I'll stop it after the event, of course, but in the mean time it's an insight into a different world.

For example, I've been offered their annual report on developments in intranet management. They've been kind enough to offer me a £100 discount on the cover price, so I can obtain a copy for a mere £195 plus packaging.

£295 for a book which, by definition, will be obsolete within months, if not by the time it's printed. I'm in the wrong business.

*: Though I've blagged overnight accommodation and an extra day to be a tourist at my employer's expense.

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