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23 August, 2007

Not Kansas

I tend to be sceptical about the merit of remaking 'classic' films – if the originals was so good, why not just watch them?  There have been exceptions, such as the 1998 remake of 1968's 'The Thomas Crown Affair' (both are excellent, but I prefer the newer one), but others seem pointless, even anathematic (an Americanised 'Oldboy'?  Nooo!).

There could be value in readaptation, though. A good example would be 'The Wizard of Oz'. Though an acknowledged classic, I don't particularly like twee musicals and I've always thought the L. Frank Baum novel deserved a darker treatment.

Whoa. Perhaps not this dark. It seems a film of Todd McFarlane's 'Twisted Land Of Oz' interpretation is in development. That's Todd McFarlane, the creator of 'Spawn', who reimagined Dorothy (link arguably NSFW) as "a bondage queen", Toto as a nightmarish giant toad and the Wizard as a steampunk dandy (actually, that one's pretty good). I'm not sure whether there's more to this reimagination than the (frankly, unimaginative) character designs, and I agree with the project's writer, Josh Olson, that "'Harry Potter' dark" would be more appropriate than "'Seven' dark", but this looks promising.

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