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22 August, 2007

Mixed message

In their article's headline, the BBC claims that "Barclays and HSBC happy with HIPs" *.
Yet the first line of the text itelf says: "Two big mortgage lenders, HSBC and Barclays, have denied that they are unhappy with the recently introduced Home Information Packs."

Not the same thing at all. There's a real difference between being 'happy' and not being 'unhappy' – the double negative conveys an important shade of meaning, and renders the simpler headline misleading.

*: Translation: that two major high-street banks are actively pleased with the new Home Information Packs scheme, in which the duty to provide documentary evidence about the condition and status of a property now falls on the vendor, not the buyer.


that's odd. that sort of deliberate headline/early-paras falsification is normally the hallmark of the guardian, not the bbc.

mind you, the bbc's willingness to push an internal-bandwagon barrow seems to have stepped up dramatically recently. there have been some eyebrow-raising deliberate spins of late, descending to the reality-warping tactics of the guardian and the mail.

Posted by Saltation at August 24, 2007 12:27 AM
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