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22 August, 2007

Beyond marketing

I spent an hour or so this morning touring the College's residences, as I need a few photos for the website.  My first act on completion was to thoroughly wash my hands.  If the corridors smell of vegetable oil, socks and even (in one instance) damp, what's coating the door handles, light switches, etc.?  Ew.

Okay, I saw some of the oldest rooms in the University's founding College, so some parts have been in continuous use for over forty years; they really could do with a gap of a few months for them to properly air.
Okay, I saw some of the smallest rooms on campus, in the largest communal configurations (up to 26 students sharing a kitchen little larger than in a domestic home).
Okay, rooms elsewhere in the complex are drastically better (large, well-lit, built in 1990 and arranged into flats shared between 3-4 students).
Okay, even in the best cases, the compromises of communal living are something to be endured; one can't expect too much.

Still, I couldn't conceive of being a 18/19-year-old student again myself.

Needless to say, those photos are absolutely useless. It's not that the residences are bad, and any specific problems (like that damp) are dealt with, but even the best rooms are unsuitable as a means of promoting the College. If I can't sell them to myself, how could I use them to sell the College?

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