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18 September, 2007


I don't have a particularly fatty diet, but as I've described before, every few months my body decides it needs a minor binge, and I feel the urge for a traditional 'cooked breakfast' (as an evening meal): bacon, sausages, a fried tomato and baked beans.  I occasionally add a slice of black pudding, but never, ever, under any circumstances, an egg.  That'd totally ruin it.

However, there are two logistical problems; not so much obstacles as minor annoyances.

  • Frying liberates vapourised fat into the air, which settles out again onto every available surface. It's essential that I open the back door and close all internal doors, isolating the kitchen as much as possible before beginning.
  • The ingredients aren't sold in quantities suitable for one person: I can't eat eight rashers of bacon, six sausages and a whole tin of beans at a single sitting. Hence, I eat half on each of two consecutive evenings, even if the first meal satisfied the desire and I'd much rather cook something else on the second night.
Yesterday was the first of the pair. Yum, but I made one mistake in washing the previous night's dishes immediately before starting to cook, leaving them to dry by the sink – and catch a coating of condensing fat. Oops.

So, tonight's first task was to rewash them immediately before... starting... to....
Ah. You see where this is going, don't you?

At least I'm consistent.


J (er, mine, not yours) freezes sausages in portions - makes for a kind of fiddly five minutes messing about with bags and packets post-shop, but it prevents that sort of difficulty.

Have beans and mash the next day?:)

Poached eggs are very nice, but fried ones - eurgh. Just no.

Posted by Calephetos at September 20, 2007 01:17 PM
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