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5 September, 2007

Fancy, that

Thirty years ago, if I took sandwiches to school, it's likely that they'd have contained cheese¹ & tomato, probably enlivened by a little black pepper.
It suddenly struck me that today's equivalent would have been inconceivable in 1977.

I still frequently choose cheese & tomato, but in the form of a wrap² containing Monterey Jack cheese³, chili4, tomato chutney and guacamole5.

'Times change', and all that.

1: crumbly, tasteless Cheshire cheese, if left to my mother.
2: unheard of in 1977.
3: actually, that was new to me mere months ago.
4: definitely not part of my childhood diet, and I suspect my mother has still yet to encounter a chili pepper other than in a restaurant or pre-prepared sauce.
5: not merely 'foreign' in the late Seventies but downright alien.

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