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8 August, 2007

Deviant now normal

Times change.  Even quite recently the tabloids would be frothing in righteous indignation (though still publishing the pictures) if a wholesome teen-orientated band appeared in anything as self-evidently perverted (ahem) as PVC.

Seriously; would ABBA have been permitted to market themselves that way¹ on anything as mainstream as 'Top Of The Pops' thirty years ago? Tiffany, in 1988? Maybe it was considered less threatening by 1997 and, say, the Spice Girls.

Yet in 2007, there's no particular reaction² to the news that Girls Aloud wear glossy black catsuits in their latest video, just as Sugababes and All Saints did full-on latex earlier in the year³ . A degree of titilation, of course, but I doubt questions will be asked in Parliament.

If anyone's stunned that I made a reference to popular culture (I can, you know), I'd better explain that I heard about this via a slightly different angle: T. sent me a scan of the Daily Star article about the costumes, in which Girl Aloud's next album, is described as 'progressive'.
I hope this doesn't give Fish ideas.

1: I wasn't thinking of Benny & Björn. Or trying not to, anyway.

2: Apart from the Mail On Sunday, of course – that could whip concrete into a frenzy of moral outrage.

3: Not that I'm counting....

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