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2 August, 2007

New Anathema coming at last

Just spreading the word that Anathema seem to be getting back on track after a period in the wilderness (and other mangled clichés).

They've announced that they're working on ~80 minutes of new music for what is expected to be a 14-track double album provisionally entitled 'Paradigm Shift'.

Double album, eh? Kind of 'proggy'? NO.

A double album will not mean it will be a very long album – it may only be two groups of seven songs, split over two CDs in order to be easily digested by the listener It definitely will not be a self-indulgent album; it definitely is not a concept album.

The subject matter could be a slight concern:

Themes of life, healing and unity will run through some of the songs.
Hmm. Not exactly what I seek in music, but I'll try to keep an open mind.

There's no suggestion of a completion or release date, but they have said that they won't be rushing into a studio before supporting Porcupine Tree's European tour in the autumn, so several new songs are likely to be performed and refined live before they're recorded.

It is the first album we have made that will be truly complete. It will change lives. Hopefully beginning with ours.
Okay, Danny; whatever. ;)

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