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21 October, 2007

I can REALLY see my house from here

Moorlands, Lancaster, UK.It's not news that Microsoft's equivalent of Google Maps features oblique aerial photography of certain areas in addition to the standard top-down vertical images.  However, I hadn't realised that Lancaster is included in the coverage.

Blackpool is one of the examples used to advertise the facility, but I discovered that the coverage continues up the Fylde coast as far as my home town (and no further, nor further inland).  It may or may not be coincidental that the University has fairly close links to Microsoft.

It's good to be able to examine locations from four sides, and the quality is excellent; I can distinguish the colour of the drain pipe in my back yard, and see that my curtains were open when the plane passed.

Click the thumbnail to make the plane fly closer, or zoom in, or enlarge the image, or something.

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