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31 July, 2007

Page Saver

Here's a useful Firefox extension, discovered via Lifehacker.

Page Saver is a streamlined way of taking screenshots, saving either an entire web page or just the visible portion directly to .jpg or .png, bypassing the laborious process of 'Print Screen', pasting into a graphics package and manually saving.

I don't particularly like the default settings (saves to .png by default, saves .jpg at 50% compression, and makes a cheesy 'camera shutter' sound at the moment of capture), but the configuration interface is straightforward.
It also adds a toolbar icon, but I removed that, preferring to access it only via the right-click context menu. Considering the likelihood that I'd want to use it on sites which have disabled the right-click, I might regret that....

The one disadvantage is that it doesn't capture the output of plugins, such as Flash, but I understand that's integral to Firefox rather than being a deficiency of the extension itself.


In Firefox, go to Tools, Options, Content, and click Advanced by Enable JavaScript. Untick 'Disable or replace context menus'. Voila, sites can no longer disable your right-click.

Posted by Neil T. at July 31, 2007 08:35 PM
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