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30 July, 2007

Feed singed, but won't quite catch

This blog publishes two RSS feeds.  One is produced automatically by Movable Type, and I direct that through FeedBurner to obtain a version I can track rather better.  Unfortunately, a number of longer-term readers are still subscribed to the first version, so I'm asking whether you could edit your subscriptions, please.

The default one is, whereas the preferred one is
Don't worry; I don't have imminent plans to remove the .rdf one, so you don't have to move. It's just that it'd be helpful if you could.

This issue first arose a full year ago, and I nearly posted this request then, but Neil reminded me that it's possible to merge feeds via Bloglines; that you wouldn't need to take any action, as I could redirect those of you subscribed via Bloglines myself.
However, as I mentioned in a follow-up post, there was a teething problem in claiming ownership of my feeds via Bloglines; it recognised the FeedBurner one, but couldn't see the claim codes embedded in the .rdf feed.

A year on, that still hasn't been resolved, and Bloglines support responses are... somewhat unhelpful ("try the support forum", where the 'Claiming My Blog' thread has 51 requests for assistance (read by 1,709 people) but no solutions), so I think I'll have to give up on that one.



The link you provided to the FeedBurner feed is broken, by the way, and in the header of this page (and presumably other entries) refers to index.rdf feed, which you may want to change.

As it happens, I was still subscribing to the index.rdf one, so I've changed it.

Posted by Neil T. at July 30, 2007 12:37 PM

Uh. Doubly clumsy of me!

Now fixed - thanks!

Posted by NRT at July 30, 2007 01:31 PM
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