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19 July, 2007


Well, that's it for another year.  The latest crop of Bowland College's students have graduated.  Well done, and all the best.

It was interesting to see some of the parents, and novel to see some of the students graduates in suits (especially 'footy' Jo). Then again, my bearded, ponytailed head probably looks odd poking out of a white shirt (shock; horror: I'm wearing a non-black garment) and college tie.

From the 'behind-the scenes' side, it seems to have gone well; no last-minute sabotage this year (see the last line here); the only slight misjudgement was including chicken pieces in the buffet. I wouldn't have expected many people to want to fiddle with greasy chicken skin whilst wearing their best clothes, and I wasn't surprised to see those serving platters barely touched.

One other observation, which will probably sound more depressing than I intend:
As usual, I was left with the college camera, to capture a few images of the event. There are only a few practical, vaguely interesting angles in the enclosed quad, and it's difficult to obtain characterful photos of strangers when I don't really look like an accredited photographer. Hence, every year, the results are the same; only the faces change. I'm uncomfortable about publishing the images, as it introduces a sense that it's all a slow-moving production line churning out generic graduates, when that really isn't accurate beyond the most superficial level.

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