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16 July, 2006

Cycle ride: Lancaster-Yealand Conyers-Arnside Tower-Silverdale-Lancaster

Another day, another bike ride.  Yesterday's mustn't have been sufficiently tiring. 
I suppose I could have started today's with a train trip to Carnforth, but saving ~12 km is barely worthwhile and besides, it was a sunny day.

Before crossing the River Lune at the Millennium Bridge, I stopped to examine the new (last October) memorial commemorating Lancaster's role in the slave trade. Despite it's slightly out-of-the-way location, it's worth a look; I hadn't understood the symbolism initially.

From Carnforth, I headed over the eastern side of Warton Crag, hoping for a decent view of Leighton Hall (not bad) and to take a few photos I'd missed on previous visits to Yealand Conyers; specifically the 1692 Friends' Meeting House.

Next, I popped into Arnside, again hoping to take photos of details I'd missed before, but the sun was in the wrong place and I barely stopped. Next time.

Today's main objective was Arnside Tower, a 14th/15th Century pele tower (aka peel tower) I've been passing for at least a decade (I remember surveying subsurface groundwater levels in the very next field in the mid-Nineties, but didn't have time to wander across). This time, I locked my bike to a fence on Arnside Knott and followed the farm track/footpath to the Tower itself. It's ruined, having lost key features (roof, floors, doors, windows...) at the end of the 17th Century and partially collapsing at the end of the 19th, but it's still very impressive.

That was as far as I'd planned to ride today, so I headed back along the coast, stopping again near Silverdale for a quick look at the Jack Scout Crag SSSI, the location of Lancashire's only coastal cliffs.
From there, back to Carnforth, and on to Lancaster to download the photos.

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