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21 June, 2007

Credit incredulity

Just as one person's 'terrorist' or 'insurrectionist' is another's 'freedom fighter', part of what the UK government chooses to call 'identity theft' might be called 'credit card fraud' by those with less of an ideological agenda¹ .

Which makes it somewhat... paradoxical? hypocritical? that the Home Office seems to be obstructing individuals' ability to report incidents directly to the police.

D'you know, this could almost make one wonder whether the supposed justification for ID cards as a means of combating 'identity theft' is a mere smoke-screen, and that there's some other, unstated reason².
Imagine that.

¹ : Okay, or maybe just a different agenda....

² : Don't worry, I'm no conspiracy theorist. I'm talking about mundane administrative convenience, not sinister plots. Them too, of course....

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