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19 June, 2007

Should be institutionalised

NØ2IDAs the BBC reports:

The identity card scheme will become a 'great British institution' on a par with the railways in the 19th Century, Home Office minister Liam Byrne says.

R-i-g-h-t. That's beyond satire, really, but I might as well make a half-hearted effort: the slave trade was a 'great British institution' once. Aspirational stuff, eh?

The BBC goes on to inadvertently highlight one of the key issues:

plans to "multiply the uses" of the ID scheme, would mean there should be stronger accountability to Parliament.
No, the important part is accountability OF Parliament.

I can't stress this enough: never mind bogus claims about terrorists and criminals, the groups from which I wish to withhold personal information are, quite specifically, government agencies.

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