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8 June, 2007

Wellington boots

Wellington Grey, who happens to be a Physics teacher in a UK secondary school, has published an open letter to the Department for Education and a leading examinations board, protesting that the new system eviscerates his subject, essentially removing the factual, quantitative science in favour of  nebulous, politicised debate, in which 'I think' carries as much weight as 'evidence shows'.

Scary stuff. There's already far too much faith-based pseudo-science in popular culture without building it into compulsory education (this is the syllabus followed by all 14-16 year-olds, leading to the standard school-leaving exams), and it's appalling preparation for those pupils progressing to 'A' Levels and university.

[Update 17/06/07: others agree.]

If that's all too depressing, have an appropriate LOLcat as antidote. Then get depressed again, as future generations won't know about Schrödinger's Cat.

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