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6 June, 2007

Discoveries of the day

  • Ingleton, North Yorkshire, a major focus (if not the major focus) of caving in the UK, is not named in Google Maps, at any zoom level.  The streets and buildings are shown, but the settlement isn't named.  Search for 'Ingleton' and you'll get a tiny hamlet in Co. Durham.
  • A lecture theatre in the refurbished Bowland North (Lonsdale, as was), Lancaster University, has been named in honour of the late Marcus Merriman, legendary senior lecturer in History.
  • It's been fourteen years since my Finals, but I've always been vaguely aware of the examinations season in each subsequent year, until this time – the 'Silence-Exams!' sign outside the Great Hall was a surprise. I don't really know why that feels like a life landmark.

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