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14 May, 2007

Get on with it

Ever find the world is moving too slowly?

Automatic doors ponderously swinging open as if a cathedral portal; a cashtill responding as if the pixies inside are back on paper-based accounting; rush-hour motorists decelerating to look at the ikkle lambies; my web host's MySQL server "running a bit slow" (with no further explanation), meaning I have negligible editing access to the blog – dunno when you'll actually see this; ... not a great morning.

Seriously; there are occasions when I feel as if I'm operating at a different rate to my surroundings, when everyone seems to be aimlessly ambling into the line of my purposeful stride, and when I can see conversational responses in a speaker's face before he/she has, well, spoken more than a couple of words. That one's particularly annoying, as I have a slight tendency to formulate a response in my own head, anticipate the other person's next response, verbally answer that one, and come across as random.

It happens most after I've been cycling rapidly in traffic. I doubt that's coincidental.

I haven't even had any caffeine today, though I'm working on that.

If this kettle ever boils....



Posted by Saltation at May 15, 2007 11:04 PM
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