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11 May, 2007


I seem to have been doing a disproportionate amount of tech support for friends, family and colleagues recently.  I don't mind (honest!), but sometimes, just sometimes, I'm tempted....

[Update 01/08/07: I've discovered that only archives past strips for a month, rather than permanently – I suppose they want to sell books. Luckily, I found a transcript of this cartoon elsewhere, so the joke isn't lost forever:]

[Dogbert is sitting at a desk with a headset on, talking to a caller to his Tech Support Help Desk]
"Try turning off your router, your modem, and your computer."
"Now try turning off your air conditioning, your lights, and your water heater...."

[Update 07/05/08: The revamped has a bigger archive, so I've amended the link; you can see the strip itself again.]

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