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3 May, 2007

Just a bit of fun

One effect of the early fine weather is that students have started to use disposable barbecues before College authorities have had an opportunity to post signs prohibiting them.

It's actually quite impressive that in the time between smoke being reported coming from a litter bin and a porter arriving with a handheld fire extinguisher, a reignited discarded barbecue was able to consume the bin (metal inner, plastic outer) so utterly that it might never have existed, melt right through the adjacent metal drainpipe and heat a wall to the point of bricks shattering.

Pointless, spoilsport regulations, eh?


At Bradford they gave into the students - there are now concrete slabs on the main grassy areas so that students can have barbecues without burning the grass. Still no means of disposing of hot ones although I can't remember it being a problem.

If anything, having the university permit barbecues has seen more students buying proper barbecues which they take home afterwards, thus eliminating the fire problem.

Posted by Neil T. at May 4, 2007 05:38 PM

Sorry; that would have been clearer to Lancastrians. ;)

Barbecues are permitted in open areas of the campus (preferably not directly on grass). They're only prohibited in close proximity to the Colleges i.e. the halls of residence, bars, study areas and admin blocks.

Posted by NRT at May 4, 2007 06:29 PM
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