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1 May, 2007

No thankyou whoever you are

Cheeky buggers.  Marillion are about to shut down their 'eWeb' e-mail list in favour of their online account system.

Two objections:

  • This change "allows us to send out full HTML emails filled with links and images." Which I don't want. Text-only, please. Oh; that's not an option....
  • In order to subscribe to the newsletter, one has to be a registered customer of the Racket Records web store, having provided full contact and financial details.
I don't think so.

I'm familiar with Marillion's often-comically pushy marketing tactics, and don't especially object (not that I support the tactics – it's no accident that this entry doesn't link through), but this goes too far.
I'm not prepared to provide personal details in order to receive information they want me to see. They are the ones gaining from the proposed relationship, so if they have information they wish to convey, it's for them to accommodate my preferences – they don't get to define the hoops through which customers must jump. I'm willing to provide an e-mail address in return for accepting basic updates on the band's activities (by plaintext e-mail), but that's all – I decline to offer anything more than that e-mail address.

If that disqualifies me from the newsletter, it's their loss.

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