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26 April, 2007

The clothes are all black

One of the more common searches delivering visitors to the Ministry this week has been 'porcupine tree shirts' (or similar).  That's one enquiry I can answer, though obviously my information isn't official.

Porcupine Tree t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts and 'girlie' shirts are available from the merchandise stall at concerts.
At the end of each tour, leftover shirts are made available via the band's webstore, only so long as the existing stock lasts.
There is no permanently-available source of official Porcupine Tree t-shirts.

Whether one thinks that's sensible marketing is an entirely different matter....

[Update 01/08/07: It's reported that the band are considering significant, and imminent, expansion in the range of merchandise available online, including re-prints of 'classic' shirts such as 'Deadwing', 'In Absentia' and 'Signify'.]

[Update 07/08/07: See here. Quick!]

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