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4 May, 2007

Random queries no. 107

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

Details of camp sites in the Lake District, including how close each site is to Lake Windermere, and the cost for a one-person tent per night during August

You're joking, right?

Search engines don't work that way. You're asking for multi-parameter searches within searches, the sort of things one might try with a dedicated database if a single database even contains those parameters.

A search engine could help you find a tourist information website, which in turn could list campsites in the Windermere area (or at least those which have paid to be included in the database), but I doubt a tourist information index would provide individual campsites' tariffs.

Alternatively, you could cut out the intermediary and search Google for campsites near Windermere (just 'Windermere'; 'Lake Windermere' is a tautology) then visit individual campsites' websites to verify precise locations and prices.

Another approach would be to be more specific about your preferred location, and search accordingly. Camping near Ambleside would be crowded but central, whereas camping at Newby Bridge would be quieter but further from key destinations. Ambleside and Newby Bridge are both ~1 km from Windermere, but at extreme opposite ends of the lake, ~21 km apart by road.

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