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25 April, 2007


According to the local free newspaper, fish & chip shops in Lancaster and Morecambe are investigating the alternatives to cod and haddock in case stocks become too low for their economic use.

The proprietor of my local chippy apparently favours Thai giant catfish, pangasius, as the texture is sufficiently similar to that of haddock. A Morecambe shop owner disagrees, considering the taste to be too alien for unadventurous customers, and thinks South African (or Argentinian) kingklip would be a better analogue for the flavour of haddock.

Intuitively, I'm not entirely happy with the thought of transporting food halfway across the planet (unless these species could be farmed in the UK?), but if that's what's required to save European fish populations, perhaps it's necessary.

I suppose some would say there's another option: avoid buying fish & chips altogether.

Don't be ridiculous.

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