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5 May, 2007

So bad, I bought it twice

Last year, I quite enjoyed 'Century Rain', by Alastair Reynolds, so I bought another of his books recently, 'Revelation Space'.  Five pages in, I stopped and checked my 'for eBay' pile.  Yes, I already have that one.  Bugger.

Okay; the title is unfair hyperbole, and it's not a 'bad' book, merely not one I'd choose to re-read. As I've said, pretty much the only variety of sci-fi I like is cyberpunk set in a credible near-future. High-fantasy, epic, space opera simply annoys me.

If there's a point to this entry, it's to alert those who have read 'Century Rain' that 'Revelation Space' is very different; liking one is no indication of liking the other, and vice versa.
In a way, I'm glad 'Revelation Space' was unmemorable, as I might have missed the fairly good 'Century Rain'.

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