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13 April, 2007

Bicycling monarchy

Arriving at work today, I was told by a cleaner that I won't be able to park my bike in its normal place on Monday, as "Her Royal Highness" is visiting.

Having checked with the Press Office, it seems HRH Princess Alexandra, the University's ex-Chancellor, will indeed be here on Monday. However, it's not to open the refurbished entrance to my office building, which might explain why Alexandra Square (I wonder where that name comes from...) is to be off-limits to cycle parking. She will merely be passing through the Square on the way to view the Hesketh Collection of rare books and manuscripts and attend the University's Fellowship Dinner.

I quite understand, of course. One can't allow bicycles in the approximate presence of a Royal personage – that simply wouldn't Do.

No, I don't believe it's a security issue – it never has been before.

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