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13 April, 2007

Work to live, right?

Going to bed last night and waking this morning, I had every intention of skipping work today and going for a walk in the Lakes – the Langdale Pikes, maybe Bow Fell.  I'd catch up work tomorrow (Saturday), of course.

However, I made the mistake of checking I have a clean copy of the appropriate files at home (my USB pen drive is intermittently faulty), and got drawn in. There'd be little point wandering lonely as a cloud if my head was churning with navigation structures and CSS hacks, so I'm writing this from my desk, at work. Bugger.

It's also quite humid this morning, so visibility is very poor. That's some compensation, but I'd have preferred to say that was the reason I changed my plan, rather than something noticed after I'd made the decision.

Still; if I do well this morning, and the mist (literal and figurative) is burned-off, there's always the afternoon. We'll see.

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