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1 November, 2006

Cycle ride: Lancaster-Sunderland-Overton-Lancaster

The sky was absolutely clear this morning, so I took a little unscheduled leave (time I can easily make up by staying late for a few evenings) to visit Sunderland (Point) again.  Last Saturday, I'd been slightly disappointed that I reached the saltmarsh road from Sunderland too late in the day, and the best, south-facing, views were directly into the sun.  In theory, I could avoid that by going earlier.

Not early enough, I'm afraid; the sun's angle was better at ~09:20, but I'd have needed to be there by ~07:45 at this time of year, really. I went on anyway, and took a few decent photos.

Returning to Lancaster, I made one diversion to somewhere I hadn't visited before: the southern half of Overton village, including the 11th Century church of St. Helen.

Then to work....

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