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5 April, 2007

Random queries no. 103

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

i want to design a little girls room

Big question: what is the nature of your relationship with the little girl?

Having established that legitimacy, I'd suggest you try searching again for key phrases such as 'interior design', 'nursery', 'decoration', etc., as key phrases, not (almost) grammatical sentences.

The search software doesn't understand what you 'want', and only needs to be fed words likely to appear in the target page itself i.e. it searches for combinations of alphanumeric characters (words), not meaning; state what you're looking for, don't explain.
Including the preamble "I want to..." and specifying the number of rooms "... a..." are worse than irrelevant, potentially generating spurious results.

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