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27 March, 2007

Grazie, Venezia, e buona notte

I'm back (obviously).

More in a later entry, perhaps, but in short: if you haven't visited Venice, do so.  Highly recommended.

Where else could one become slightly lost in a maze of tiny streets and rationally think "let's follow that group of lads into that dark alley; they look as if they know where they're going"?

Pick your time carefully, though. My mother visited a fortnight earlier in March 2006, and reported it was pleasantly quiet but bitterly cold, whereas this last weekend was mild but seemed to be on the cusp of being oppressively busy.
Some of those narrow mediaeval alleys were already at full pedestrian capacity, and a couple of rush-hour vaporetti (water buses) were so full as to reject further passengers at the most popular stops. I suspect it'd be insufferable in June or July.

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