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18 March, 2007

The other shoe

I wasn't sure whether I'd be posting an entry today, as I didn't quite dare.

Following my web host's problems a couple of weeks ago, the system has been relatively quick but unstable, not least as the company has revised some of its procedures to prevent a recurrence.

The first major consequence I noticed, belatedly, was that they'd killed my Contact form: my perl script is no longer compatible with their revised security settings. I'd been thinking of removing it anyway, as its very presence was a sp*mbot magnet, so I'm not too bothered. I just wish I'd been told, rather than having to have spotted there was something wrong for myself after receiving no mail via that source for five days.

There's also been an intermittent problem with ftp this weekend, which somehow prevented Movable Type rebuilds without generating error messages. In effect, by updating an entry this afternoon I corrupted the blog's front page and the March archive. Everything else was intact, but apologies to anyone who couldn't access the 'front door'.
If there's a benefit to the outage, in hunting through the server's directories I discovered that a similar unnoticed problem ten days ago wiped out most of August 2006; I've rebuilt the rebuild, so I hope everything's okay.

And that this entry posts successfully, without deleting the main page....

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