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2 March, 2007

That's diplomatic

I'm not sure I could comment calmly on this, so I'll simply let you read it for yourself: the experience of a senior UN diplomat refused admission to the US, treated as a criminal and permanently identified as undesirable.

Here's another, similar case.

I think the part which particularly annoys me isn't the refusal of Immigration officials to let these people into the USA – it is their country, after all, and they can act on any whim they choose, so long as they don't expect any respect from the rest of the world – but the subsequent criminalisation. Having established that the victims can't enter the country, the corollary must be that the USA has no further jurisdiction over them, so has no right to:

  • take me in for questioning
  • search me (I objected to the strip search, they relented)
  • fingerprint me and send those fingerprints off around the world
  • examine for obvious tattoos and other distinguishing features
  • ask me to sign a statement of wrongdoing (I declined)
  • terminate my visa waiver access - from then on I need a visa [That one seems fair enough; within US jurisdiction, anyway - NRT]

[Via BoingBoing.]

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