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23 February, 2007


Well, now we have it in writing.  The UK is not a christian country, despite the presence of church representatives in the House of Lords and the assertions of typically xenophobic newspaper bigots (that's columnists and letter-writers).

Responding to an ostensibly frivolous e-petition about legal recognition of "Jedi Knights as a religion on par with Christianity, Islam and other beliefs", the Government said:

The Government has no overarching role in regulating or recognising personal belief or faith. The UK has a long held commitment to freedom of worship and belief, and people are free to form religions and free to follow their own practices and beliefs provided they remain within the law.
The response went on to conclude:
May the Force be with you.
However, that doesn't diminish the core statement that the state officially does not recognise, and hence legislate on the basis of, religious considerations.

[Sort-of via Sal.]

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