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18 February, 2007

Scenic route

I was considering a bike ride in the Yorkshire Dales this morning, and in order to eliminate the 15-20 mile lead-in (just getting to the Dales, before starting the 'proper' ride), I checked the train timetable.
Great; there was a train to Bentham, leaving at 10:20, arriving at... 16:59?  That's 6:39 hours for a 30-35 minute route!

Must be a typo; check the details.
No, it's correct, but a little circuitous:

Lancaster dep 10:20 (Bus)
Preston arr 11:00

Preston dep 11:37
Leeds arr 13:21

Leeds dep 15:00
Skipton arr 15:36

Skipton dep 15:41 (Bus)
Bentham arr 16:59

The use of buses suggests that there's engineering work on the Lancaster-Leeds (via Bentham) line, but why is this alternative even suggested as sensible?


1. Computer bug? :)

2. Maybe the replacement bus service is so slow it's actually quicker to go via Preston/Bradford/Leeds/Skipton.

I'd suggest 1 is more likely though; normally National Railway Enquiries does take replacement bus services into account when applicable. That said, most of the rail journeys that I have been planning lately which have been affected by engineering work do not have an alternative route so it would be hard to suggest anything else.

Posted by Neil T. at February 18, 2007 04:51 PM
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