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3 February, 2007

Not so clear air

I felt the urge to go for a bike ride today, so rose early and dealt with my main chore, a trip to Sainsbury's, fairly promptly so I'd have the rest of the day free.

Imagine my disappointment when by the time I reached the supermarket, the sunny morning had become cloudy, and by the time I left, an appreciable mist had begun to develop. I thought hard about appropriate cycling destinations – a high hilltop might be above the fog bank, or a wood might offer atmospheric photographs in the mist, especially if there was running water (low light allows long exposures). Yet this seemed to be freezing fog (or if not, very nearly), searing my throat and chilling my fingers even in the few minutes it took to take my groceries home. I couldn't think of anywhere both suitable and within a comfortable distance, so I regretfully abandoned the idea. Perhaps tomorrow.

I didn't stay indoors, though. My back-up plan was to tour Lancaster and take photos of the historical city subtly changed by mist, so I made a brief trip to Williamson Park to test the idea. Unfortunately, that didn't really work either.
As you'll see in the accompanying photos, the fog was already a bit too dense there, and I already knew it was much worse at the foot of the hill – I wouldn't have seen well enough to focus, never mind take worthwhile photos. Argh!

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