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24 January, 2007

Clear air

All through last year and the ongoing anomalously warm winter, the Lancaster/ Morecambe area has been rather humid.  Maybe it's a symptom of global warming.  The result has been reduced long-distance visibility; it's become uncommon to have a clear view across Morecambe Bay to the Lake District.  I've certainly missed seeing the Lakeland Fells as I cycle to work each morning.

Snow in Cumbria, UK. ©NRTThis morning, however, was more typically seasonal: cold and, for once, clear, offering a crisp, almost magnified view across to Cumbria. This was sufficiently novel that I returned home for my camera and went to Williamson Park to take a few photos and simply enjoy the vista.

**** being late for work; this was far more important to me.

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