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2 February, 2007

His luxuriant beard

Once upon a time, Gideon Defoe, accused of being a distant relative of Daniel Defoe (author of this classic of literature; oh, and this one) wrote a splendidly silly book 'to impress a girl'.  It impressed a publisher, too (maybe the 'girl' was a publisher...), and The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists was a low-key hit in 2004.  I loved my copy so much, I gave it away.  Oops.

Somehow, I thought no more of it, so I was mildly though unjustifiably surprised to discover that the sequel, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling had been popular in 2005, as was The Pirates! In an Adventure with Communists last year, and Amazon are already taking pre-orders for the fourth, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Napoleon over a year ahead of its release date.

I think I have some catching-up to do. Care to join me?

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