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31 January, 2007

Pre-order 'Somewhere Else' somewhere else

In helping promote the availability of 'Blackfield II' by pre-order, I mentioned the dilemma of whether to support the band financially by purchasing from the band's 'own' web stores or whether to boost their public profile by buying from a mainstream retailer whose sales data contribute to the album charts.
Blackfield seem to prefer the former, but Marillion has adopted the opposite view, by characteristically novel means.

Their fourteenth studio album (tenth since Fish left in 1988, if anyone was a little out of touch...), 'Somewhere Else' is released on 9 April and like 'Blackfield II', it's now available for pre-order. However, unlike 'Blackfield II', 'Somewhere Else' will not be available from the band's official website until after the release date. To be absolutely clear: one cannot pre-order from

Instead, Marillion have arranged for pre-orders to go through Townsend Records, a chart-registered retailer. The 'Marbles' singles did remarkably well in 2004, so it's unsurprising that the band would want to try for a concerted impact on the more significant UK album charts. I suspect that an exclusive deal with Townsend might be mutually-beneficial in terms of the band's cut of profits, too).

Hard-core fans (and Marillion Freaks define 'hard-core fandom') will sign up simply to support the band, but those needing further persuasion might be interested to know that Townsend is offering an exclusive DVD containing three 'Somewhere Else' tracks recorded live at the Marillion Weekend 2007 (this coming weekend, in fact). The CD+DVD edition actually costs £2 more than the standard retail edition (one can pre-order either), but it won't be available from other sources, apparently.

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