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12 January, 2007

A nerd/geek meme

Discovered via Neil, this could be brief....

1. Did you not only sigh the biggest sigh of relief ever once you saw that Apple had introduced the iPhone, but you also thought it was totally the coolest phone ever?
I have no interest in the thing. I use my phone to talk to people beyond shouting range, to convey text messages, as a clock, and occasionally as a torch. I don't need it to play video or music (I've disabled even the default ringtone) nor take photographs, and I don't have the vaguest interest in its appearence.
That said, I do like the idea of the iPhone Shuffle.

2. Do you ever miss a front page story on
I've only visited the site after seeing it in my referrer logs. I wouldn't even recognise the front page.

3. When you get bored, do you browse the upcoming stories on
I haven't become a regular reader since answering the previous question.

4. When it comes to your personal web space…
  a. Do you have your own REAL website (not blogger/geocities/etc…)?

Yes, you're visiting it (unless you're reading via RSS).
  b. Do you actually know how to edit the code for it?
The (x)html, css and Movable Type code, yes. I have limited knowledge of perl and php.

5. Have you ever installed a different OS on a portable/gaming device that it was not meant for?
I've never owned a portable/gaming device, nor have I been asked to configure someone else's.

6. Do you have more than one monitor hooked up to your main computer?
No, but I'm seriously planning to do so.

7. Is the only time you use your printer to print out Google Maps?
I don't own a printer. At work, I tend to print e-mails for my boss (don't ask) and train times for myself, but my job is pretty much paperless, apart from post-it notes.

8. If you don't already have a water cooled CPU, do you leave the side cover off to help keep the temps down?
I did with my previous PC, as it had a specific problem, but not my 'new' one. Besides, the ambient temperature in that room is ordinarily around 15°C, which helps.

9. Do you somewhat wish you were living in Taiwan just for the technology (e.g. free wifi everywhere)?
No, I can't say that had ever occurred to me.

10. If you cant get rid of a virus or fix a serious problem after a few hours, do you just say f#@% it and format the HD?
I'm immensely pleased to say that's never been necessary, but I'm pretty sure I'd manage.

11. Do you totally wish you could afford a really nice Mac?
I don't anticipate ever buying any Apple product whatsoever. 'Nice' is not a characteristic I seek in consumer electronics, and I intensely dislike the Apple aesthetic.

12. Did you tell your broadband ISP to take their cable modem and shove it and go buy your own (a real one!)?
I don't have broadband at home.

13. Every now and then, do you attempt to hack your neighbours’ wifi connection just for fun?
I don't have wifi.

14. Do you keep spare hard drives around for testing out other OS’s or just for whatever?
No, and have far better things to do than play with OSes.

15. Can you install ATI drivers into linux?
I understand each word in that sentence, but not the overall question.

16. Do you sometimes wish you could just change the channel and start browsing the web on your TV, being able to view it at a decent resolution with good picture quality? (I ask this assuming some of you with laptops have hooked it to the TV and gawked at the horrible image).
Oh, get a ****ing life.

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