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8 January, 2007

Could be a good year

With an announcement from Steven Wilson (SW) at his own site, we now have a fairly good idea of the release and tour schedules of Porcupine Tree, Bass Communion, Blackfield and his other projects.  2007 is looking good!

Bass Communion

  • 'Pacific Codex' will be released at some point this year, presumably after at least the first round of Porcupine Tree tours in May/June. Unofficial sources say it's to be a CD and surround sound DVD-A in a 'deluxe' box, though personally I hope there's a less elaborate CD-only edition too.
  • Technically, 'Continuum II' will be a Continuum album, but since that project is a collaboration between SW's dark-ambient side (i.e. Bass Communion) and VidnaObmana, I think this can be listed alongside 'Pacific Codex'.
Porcupine Tree
  • 'Fear Of A Blank Planet' is to be released in April. If you didn't already know: yes, that's the title of the new album.
    More specifically, I suspect the European, or at least UK, release will be before 18 April, when the UK tour begins. The Manchester Academy is closed for building work at that time, apparently, so the NW England concert has had to be moved... to Preston, within cycling distance of my home!
  • 'Lightbulb Sun' is finally scheduled for re-release after being out-of-print for far too long. Like last year's 'Stupid Dream' reissue, it'll be a combined package containing both a standard CD and a 5.1 mix of the album on DVD-A.
  • Update 12/02/07: A flyer included in the packaging of 'Blackfield II' claims that Snapper will be reissuing 'Moonloop', 'Lightbulb Sun' and 'Recordings' in 2007, each remastered with bonus tracks and presented in a digipack. At least at the time of writing, this is not true – Snapper don't have the rights to 'Moonloop' and 'Recordings'.
SW solo
  • 'Collecting MySpace' is due to be released in May. This mini-album was a bit of a surprise, having barely been even rumoured before the announcement. As the title suggests, this Headphone Dust -only release is a compilation of the odd little tracks previously only heard at SW's MySpace page, plus additional material.
  • 'Cover Version V' will be released later in the year. No hints about the single's specific content, of course, but there'll be a cover version of another artist's song, accompanied by an original SW song.
  • 'Blackfield II' will be released in February/March, around the same time as European and US tours. The official site has samples.
    There's only one UK concert, unfortunately, and I don't intend to travel to London specially, but there's a chance I could make it to Warszawa (in late February? Chilly!).


Marillion are skipping Manchester too, presumably for the same reason.

Means I'll either have to shell out for accomodation, or miss encores to catch the last train.

Posted by Tim Hall at January 8, 2007 11:24 PM
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