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28 December, 2006

A is for...

A quick one via Neil

A is for Age:
Mid thirtysomething.

B is for Beer of choice:
None; I don't drink. If I absolutely had to choose one, some variety of 'real ale' would be acceptable for the first mouthful or so, though I could really do without the rest of the pint.

C is for Career:
That's putting it a little strongly. I'm employed as a web designer/editor.

D is for favourite Drink:
Tea; one sugar and a little milk.

E is for Essential item you use everyday:
Bed? Door handle? Computer?

F is for Favourite song at the moment:
‘Your Troubles Are Over’, from 'Home' (The Gathering, 2006). A real discovery, made less than a month ago.

G is for favourite Game:
I'm not a games sort of person.

H is for Home town:
Home is Lancaster, though I didn't grow up there.

I is for Instruments you play:
Only the CD player, though just as a violinist can scrape some noise out of a viola, I can also coax coherent sounds out of a mp3 player.

J is for favourite Juice:

K is for Kids:
No, thanks. Nor human children.

L is for Last kiss:
Hang on....
About forty seconds ago.

M is for marriage:
Not likely.

N is for full Name:
N*** R*** T***. Paranoid or not, I choose to avoid publishing my full name.

O is for Overnight hospital stays:
A couple as a child, a couple more in my early twenties then a couple more in early 2003.

P is for phobias:
I don't like hypodermic needles and elevators, but I cope with both, so they're not exactly phobias. Ask me again if I ever need an injection in a lift.

Q is for quote:
I don't really think in such terms; I have limited recall of precise phrases and certainly don't live by the maxims of others.
I doubt I could improve on: "Another cup of tea, dear?" (which is actually a quote). Very penetrating, very profound.

R is for biggest Regret:
The stock answer would be having taken 'A' Level Chemistry rather than English, but that would have taken my life down a different route and, all things considered, I don't exactly dislike the one I'm on now.

S is for sports:
Cycling, hillwalking, swimming. Nothing pointlessly competitive, nor anything involving teams.

T is for Time you wake up:
Around 08:00, almost every day. I don't have an ability to lie-in, and oversleeping somehow makes me lethargic for the rest of the day.

U is for colour of underwear:
Heh. The probability of black today is greater than normal (no, I'm not going to explain).

V is for Vegetable you love:
I beg your pardon?

W is for Worst Habit:

X is for X-rays you’ve had:
In the past decade or so I must have had 3-4 dental x-rays plus 2-3 of my right hand.

Y is for Yummy food you make:
My generic curry is okay.

Z is for zodiac sign:
Scorpio – sun, moon & ascendent.

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