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21 March, 2007

Roll yer own

... again.

Here's a meme questionnaire generated 'randomly' by answering twenty questions from the database.  Answer the same questions, or generate your own set.

1. Do you think the Bible is repulsive?
Repulsive? No, not at all. It has no especial message to me as an atheist, but I don't hate it. That'd be perverse.

2. Does your jaw click when you chew?
No. A's does, which can be disconcerting. I'd imagine it to be infuriating to hear it inside one's own skull, but I suppose one would become accustomed to it, especially if it had happened since childhood.

3. Have you ever seen an adult throwing a temper tantrum?
An ex-landlord habitually punched through doors (a rage later sublimated into chopping wood, something I've tried myself), but I don't recall seeing a full-on, petulant tantrum.

4. Do you like sinks that rest above the countertop?
Do I seem like someone who'd remotely care?
I suppose they'd be slightly more awkward to keep clean, so I suppose I'd have to say 'no'.

5. With the rise in popularity of the BNP do you fear that Britain is becoming a fascist state?
I think the BNP is a distracting side-issue; it's the encroachment of mainstream 'big government' into the lives of individuals that I fear. I was about to say that's something which fascists could exploit, but I don't honestly think that'd really happen.

6. Are you a master of disguise?
Of course, said the small grey penguin, projecting his voice from three rooms away.
More seriously, I don't think my exterior appearence is a true representation of the inner 'me'.

7. Do you eat meat everyday?
No, I eat meat every day. Learn how to use the word 'everyday'.

8. Would you like to visit Pakistan?
It's not high on my (metaphorical) list of priorities, but not because of any political or personal safety reasons. I just prefer cooler climates. If given the opportunity, though, I'd like to visit.
Answering the loaded question between the lines: I'd be appreciably less reluctant to visit Pakistan than the USA under the current regime.

9. Can love preclude trust?
That's an odd question. I really can't see how it could, or even why the question would arise. I even wonder whether 'preclude' was really the word the questioner meant.
Answering for myself, I don't think love could survive a loss of trust.

10. Do you not find negative poll questions unnecessarily complicated?
I do find that questions phrased in the negative can be unnecessarily complicated, and are often worth rephrasing.

11. Do you always think of the perfect comeback 20 minutes after you have left the scene?
No. Whether through luck or personality, I rarely find myself in 'scenes', and I tend not to dwell on them.
I do love the French phrase for this phenomenon, though: 'l'esprit de l'escalier': 'staircase wit'.

12. If you had to endure 7 minutes of excruciating pain for a chance to not experience pain for the rest of your life, would you take it?
My initial thought was yes, but on reflection pain has an important purpose and I wouldn't want to lose a vital indication of damage to my body.
If there was some way of eliminating chronic, purposeless pain, I suspect I'd take it.
Oh, and I'm not a gambler: I'd consider the proposition in order to definitely eliminate pain, not for a chance to eliminate pain.

13. Do you ever order a glass of Pepsi or Coke with a wedge of lemon or lime in it?
No, never, though it sometimes comes that way anyway.

14. Do you think that everyone looks better with a little bit of a suntan?
No! Not remotely. Then again, I think everyone looks better in black clothing.

15. Which tells you more about an individual's personality: The movies they watch or the music they listen to?
I'd question whether either offers a particularly penetrating insight, but if I had to choose one, it'd be music.

16. Do you express yourself better verbally or in writing?
Definitely in writing, though I have a suspicion that maintaining this website has improved my ability to formulate an argument, which extends to spoken conversations.

17. Are many of the booklets that come with your CDs missing?
Not one, so far as I'm aware. What does that say about my personality?

18. Do you think it's ironic to sell alcoholic drinks at gas stations?
No, that's paradox, not irony. The two concepts are often confused.
I have no idea whether British service stations sell alcohol; I suspect not.

19. Do you think itís as bad for a grown man to live with his father as it for a grown man to live with his mother?
Strangely enough, no, not at all. I wonder why. I certainly do think, on a visceral, unexplored level, that there is something 'wrong' about a man being too emotionally and domestically close to his mother. Maybe that's a personal thing, reflecting my own relationships with my parents.

20. Atheists and agnostics: do you say bless you after someone sneezes?
Of course not. Even for theists it's an empty social ritual. Why acknowledge a sneeze at all?


[quote]18. Do you think it's ironic to sell alcoholic drinks at gas stations?
No, that's paradox, not irony. The two concepts are often confused.
I have no idea whether British service stations sell alcohol; I suspect not.[/quote]

[pedant mode on]

Actually, it's not a paradox, either. A paradox is a seemingly impossible situation actually existing. Gas/service stations selling alcohol is just stupid.

[pedant mode off]

Posted by Jon. at March 21, 2007 04:17 PM
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