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13 December, 2006

Fur dos

I'm a little surprised to be ahead of the cutting edge* of fashion, but the Guardian suggests that the next big thing will be beards.

Though I've had one for about six years, I don't actually like beards very much (somehow my mental self-image doesn't include one): I'm not pro-beards, I'm anti-shaving. The aging effect of daily skin irritation can go without saying, but shaving just takes too long for me. As the article claims, the average man will spend six months of his life simply removing hair from his face. What a waste.

I'm obviously unfamiliar with modern shaving technology, so I hadn't realised that electric shavers are unpopular and being rendered obsolete by the latest generation of wet razors. The five-blade type (I thought those adverts were just spoofs...) allegedly cuts away hairs beneath the surface of the skin. Ew.

Why not try a beard? The enforced absence from work at the end of December might be a good time to experiment. It is best done in one's private time, as the period of growing one in can look scruffy and it has to be said that not everyone can grow a full beard – I doubt I could have done so before my mid-twenties and it's still slightly thin at the sides. There's little worse than studenty wisps, so be sure before you go out in public!

Incidentally, women should know that though stubble can be uncomfortable, the longer hairs of a proper beard are said to be much more pleasant. ;)

*: No. Don't say it.

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