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11 December, 2006

Safety check, my arse.

About a week ago, I received a letter from my gas supplier, informing me that an engineer would need to visit my home in order to conduct a vital safety check, in accordance with the company's statutory responsibilities.

Fair enough, though I rather resent having to sacrifice at least half a day of annual leave for their convenience (there was no possibility of a specific appointment, of course; they could only offer a 5-hour 'morning' slot).

However, the letter went on to say that if I failed to keep the designated 'appointment' (okay; or reschedule and keep an alternative appointment), the company would obtain a magistrate's order without further notice, in order to gain entry to my premises.
Again, fair enough if I'd persistently refused previous visits, but this was stated in the first contact I received. I'd argue it's pretty poor customer service to threaten customers by default rather than as a last resort.

The engineer arrived about quarter of an hour ago, within the final few minutes of the agreed 08:00-13:00 slot, and stayed considerably less than sixty seconds. He read the meter, and that's it. No tools were involved, no valves were checked. I now feel so secure.

*: Carefully note the presence of a comma in the title. It's kind of important. ;)

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