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22 February, 2007

Stop stalling - ban 'em

I avoid the high street stalls set out by anti-vivisectionists anyway, as I don't even vaguely condone their objectives (I totally support the use of animal testing in medical research, though not in consumer product testing) and calling animal rights terrorists 'abhorrent scum' understates my disdain for them.

However, it seems those stalls may be deceiving the well-meaning-but-deluded, acting illegally to fund illegal activities. The Guardian reports that since October the Metropolitan Police have been arresting those operating stalls in London.

It seems, and it is just an accusation, that the public are drawn-in by being invited to sign petitions, then asked to make financial donations. The petitions are then discarded and the money sent to extremists for use in illegal activities. And with animal rights terrorists, that doesn't mean hanging banners, it's bomb-making, bodysnatching, intimidation, threats of personal violence and destruction of property. Even if I agreed with their cause – and I don't – their methods are utterly repugnant.

Of course, the anti-vivisectionists claim this is a dirty trick to discredit them – and they're certainly the experts on dirty tricks.

Despite their best efforts at public surveillance, the police can't be everywhere, so if you happen to pass one of those stalls, keep walking.

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