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13 December, 2006

B-i-g milestone

Two million page views since 28 November, 2001.  Two millionTwo million.


That's divided between 703,888 unique visit(or)s; the 700,000 passed through last Friday (plus 7,320 between late 1999 and 2001). Er, thanks.

Two million in five years isn't bad, but I'd like to point out that the first million was completed on 11 July last year, after 1321 days, so there's been a slight acceleration (520 days). That was to ~328,400 visitors, so you're also reading more pages each.
There have been 500,000 hits and ~200,000 in the last nine months (to the day).

That's for the entire Ministry, of course, including the Jethro Tull sections, but as that band's career and hence web interest has gradually declined, the blog has certainly become the primary focus. I'm a little confused about the numbers indicated by Movable Type: I'm not exactly sure whether I've published 2,000 blog entries since 3 October, 2003 or merely written that many – I currently have 19 unpublished, whether requiring a rewrite (I sometimes get half way through and lose focus, or quickly note an late-night idea requiring elaboration when I'm more cogent), or pre-written 'insurance' for days when I don't have time/energy/inspiration to write anything more immediate. Anyway; the blog currently contains about 2,000 entries.

Okay; self-congratulation over.

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